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ANCIENT THEMES, Roman Republican. The Execution of Manlius’ Son / Papirius Pardons Fabius. 339 BC and 324 BC respectively. AR Medal (32mm, 9.81 g, 12h). By Jean Dassier & sons, 1740-1750. The Execution of Manlius’ Son: Manlius’ son awaits the executioner’s ax before the eyes of his father, seated at left; MANLIUS FAIT MOURIR/SON FILS ·/ A · R · 415 in two lines in exergue / Papirius Pardons Fabius: Fabius, supported by his father, begs for clemency before Papirius standing at right; PAPIRIUS PARDONNE/A FABIUS ·/A · R · 430 in two lines in exergue. Eisler 15a; Catenacci pp. 32-3. EF, toned.

From the RBW Collection.