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Exceptional Emaciated Bust Groat


LANCASTER. Henry V. 1413-1422. AR Groat (27mm, 3.80 g, 5h). Class A, mule with Henry IV type III. Tower (London) mint; im: pierced cross/cross pattée. + hЄnRIC’· D’I · GRΛ’· RЄX · ΛnGLIЄ · Z · FRΛnC’ (saltire stops; Z retrograde), crowned ‘emaciated’ facing bust within double polylobe with fleurs at cusps / + POSVI (slipped trefoil) DЄVm : Λ D : IVTOR Єm : mЄVm/ CIVI · · TΛS · · LOИ DOИ (saltire and double saltire stops), long cross pattée, with trefoil in each angle. Harris, Pairing 7 (dies A-1/R.III-1); Potter type I, die 1; North 1385/1359; SCBC 1761. Good VF, toned, light ghosting of reverse cross. An unusually high grade example of the very rare ‘emaciated’ bust type.

Ex Motcomb Collection.

Harris (p. 20) notes that high silver prices forced the mint to close from 1408 until mid November 1412. When striking did resume, the urgent need for coinage prevented the workers from proceeding with their usual routine of retiring old obverse and reverse dies simultaneously. Accordingly, this early series is marked by numerous mules, mixing dies re-engraved from Richard II, fresh dies of Henry IV, and, after his death, dies of Henry V.