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ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of Kent. Baldred. 823/4-825/6. AR Penny (21mm, 1.32 g, 9h). Non portrait type. Caentwarabyrig (Canterbury) mint; Oba, moneyer. + BEL·DRED REX CA(NT), cross pattée, pellets in angles / + O B A, divided by four Mercian m’s and pellets, arranged cruciform around cross pattée with pellets in angles. Naismith C62.2; SCBI 2 (Hunterian) 389; BMC 17; North 215; SCBC 880. EF, tiny perforation, otherwise a beautifully struck, crisp coin. Extremely rare.

Ex Dr. Andrew Wayne Collection; Spink 215 (4 December 2012), lot 24.