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ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of Northumbria. Æthelred I. Second reign, 789-796. AR Sceatt or Styca (12mm, 1.04 g, 10h). Phase Ia. Eoforwic (York) mint; Cuthgils, moneyer. + ΓR·ED·ED · around central cross / CVD CLS, ‘shrine’: cross potent on pelleted triangular base. Booth, Coinage 34-8; Pirie 22; Pirie, Guide, Phase Ia, 3.1f; North 184; SCBC 857. Good VF, toned. Very rare.

Ex Lord Stewartby Collection (Part I, Spink 234, 22 March 2016), 62; Triton V (16 January 2002), lot 2429.

This exceptional type was once thought to depict the Shrine of St. Cuthbert, based on an interpretation of the reverse legend as SCT CVÐ. However, current scholarship agrees that the type belongs firmly to the series of small bronze stycas bearing the names of moneyers, and that the legend is more properly interpreted as the CVD CLS, for the moneyer Cuthgils