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Italo Vecchi's Comprehensive Study of Etruscan Coinage, Part I


Vecchi, Italo, Etruscan Coinage, Part I, 2 vols. 2012 (2013). Hardbound. 736 numbered pp and 135 plates, illustrating 2541 coins. (GR). (GR352). $350.00

The Etruscans, while being one of the most important cultures of pre-Roman Italy, remain largely unknown, since the few surviving references to them are brief and often hostile. Among the evidence that does remain are the coins struck by the Etruscan cities. These coins have been the lifelong study of Italo Vecchi who, after years of research and compilation of data, has finally published his corpus on this coinage. The result is Etruscan Coinage, Part I. A corpus of the struck coinage of the Rasna, together with an historical and economic commentary on the issues (gold, silver and bronze) from the mints of Cosa, Luca(?), Pisae(?), Populonia, Uncertain Central Etruria, Vetulonia, Volisnii(?) Vulci and unidentified mints, from 5th to 3rd centuries BC.

This monumental two volume work presents scholars, numismatists, and institutions with a corpus of the struck coinage of the Rasna, together with an historical and economic commentary on the gold, silver, and bronze issues of the various Etruscan cities.

Part I consists of two volumes and presents all of the known struck coinage of Etruria from the 5th to the 3rd centuries BC, excluding the male head/dog, African/elephant, Peithesa/Turms, Aplu, and Menvra/owl bronze issues of the Etrurian hinterland. Volume 1 includes a catalog of 3890 coins in gold, silver and bronze, subdivided into 224 series.Volume 2 includes an extensive bibliography, a listing of all known finds with 11 maps illustrating distribution patterns, a summery of auctions, appendices, index of types and 153 plates illustrating 2541 coins.

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