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Impressive Metapontion Gold Tetrobol


LUCANIA, Metapontion. Circa 280-279 BC. AV Tetrobol – Third Stater (13mm, 2.87 g, 12h). Attic standard. Bearded head of Leukippos right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet decorated with Skylla hurling a stone; ΛEYKIΠΠO[Σ] above / Two six-grained barley ears, each with a curly leaf to outside; M-E across outer fields, ΣI between. Johnston G5.1/5.3 (same obv./rev. die); HN Italy 1630; SNG ANS 397–8; SNG Copenhagen Supp. 43; SNG Lloyd –; SNG Lockett 404 (same rev. die); Basel 153 = Gillet 202 (same obv. die); Dewing 378; Jameson 1867; Gulbenkian 72 (same rev. die). Near EF, tiny deposit and small scratch on obverse.